Art Direction, Campaign, Print Design, Strategy, Visual Identity

S.Hawkins, a London based fashion brand, takes the utilitarianism of Japanese heritage workwear and employs techniques and influences drawn from British tailoring. Their garments are released series by series; each created with remnant cloth, resulting in unique, personal pieces.

We worked closely with the founder, Sophie Hawkins, on their positioning, visual identity and art direction. The visual identity was applied across garments, swing tags, garment labels, as well as custom-made stationery.

We designed a bespoke typeface for the S.Hawkins logotype, a signature to reflect the unique nature of each of their garments. The logo is a contraction of the name and this symbol is used across all materials.

Garment tags are placed in a glassine envelope and set in the breast pocket of their core range of smocks. On the reverse there is a short poem written by the founder; creating a certain intimacy and reflecting their commitment to stories and making.

We worked with the founder to help develop the brand’s tone of voice and key pillars: People.Making.Stories – a shorthand for the core focus of her work.

“Making useful garments for practical people is a fascination of mine”

– Sophie Hawkins