3D, Art Direction, Digital, Motion, Print Design, Strategy, Visual Identity

Faber Futures is a London based bio-design consultancy and research lab, who believe that answers to some of the biggest challenges facing this planet can be found in nature. By learning from living systems and integrating design, biology, and technology, their mission is to identify and initiate holistic pathways to sustainable material futures.

We worked closely with the founder Natsai Chieza to develop their visual identity; following a key proposition: Learning from nature, making with life. The new identity is inspired by the often unexpected materiality of living systems; set to push boundaries on how we envision our shared biological futures.

Part of the challenge was to create a website that gave a sense of space and intimacy. The founder wanted users to feel like they were experiencing a unique moment from the instant they landed on the site. This was then translated throughout; encouraging users to take note and spend time taking in their surroundings.

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We created an own-able visual database that allows Faber Futures to tackle and discuss thematics in a new way; departing from established mediums within their sector. Biomimicry is at the heart of their process; we wanted these visuals to be a reflection of this. A visual interrogation.

“Communication should expose both parallels and dichotomies between design and science while finding beauty in the hopeful space where friction gives rise to an unprecedented possibility.”

Natsai Chieza