Art Direction, Editorial

The life cycle of nature, the life cycle for our species and for many others is the most valuable evergreen source and the one that needs protecting the most. Like many cycles, nature relates itself and mimics past iterations growing and changing and working towards achieving perfection as much as possible. Having done so for centuries those traits face new challenges both negative and positive and we wanted to explore how technology can begin to have a positive effect on the in perpetuity of nature. Can technology mimic elements of nature to ‘fill in the gaps’, how can technology scan and study and inform our species too and how we can protect, enhance, improve and save our natural world. This series of images aims to conceptualise this process as our element is prepared for studying and scanning, moving through a visual process of what may happen inside the process of enhancing our understanding of our evergreen elements and technology.

Photography: Adam Goodison
Set Build: Imogen Frost