Three Hills Brewing

Three Hills Brewing

Three Hills, a newly founded brewery based in Northamptonshire – came to us to help them define their name and develop the brand.

The scale of their production allows the brewery to stay artisanal, to always try new things and provide maximum choice. Keeping this in mind, the labels were designed to allow for flexibility all the while maintaining a consistent visual language.

Owner & Master Brewer, Andrew Catherall, started the brewery after 7 years brewing in China. It was important to him that this experience was present in the identity we developed.

The name of the brewery originates from the neolithic barrows, that are located on the outskirts of the village where the it is currently based. They’re widely accepted to have not only been communal tombs for stone age folk, but also centres of religious cult activity.

For the firsts four style of beers produced, we created a series of illustrations that would tell each individual story.

All Design & Illustration by Studio Crême.